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Children of the Confederacy -- Cold Harbor, Virginia

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Obituary of A. C. Griffith (Griff)

Newspaper Article: Nikola Tesla - A Man of the Future
by Curtis Brown

Ebook: The Recollections of a Virginia Newspaper Man
by Herbert T. Ezekiel

Newspaper Article: Testimonial to Gen. Smith

Newspaper Article:
South's Heroes Honored

Newspaper Article:
Stemmery to Rise from its Ashes Very Quickly

Obituaries from The Times Dispatch in 1903



Dr. Douglas Southall Freeman

Dr. Douglas Southall Freeman, greatest southern historian and editor of The Richmond News Leader Newspaper had 25 honorary degrees and his Phd from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Freeman's father Buford Walker Freeman was with Lee at Appomattox. Dr. Freeman passed in 1953 and is sleeping at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond.


Memorial Address - Oakwood Cemetery

Magazine Article: The Confederate Tradition of Richmond

Smiley Face / Confederate Flag


Editorial Comments


The Great Generation

Judge Roy Moore and God's Ten Commandments

Dupont Battle Flag Protest

DuPont and United Nations Mandates

Commentary on the U. N. "Norms" Mandates

The History of the Southern Flag

"Confederate Cross of St. Andrew, the Apostle of Jesus the Christ is Despicable." - DuPont


Capital Square Then and Now


Richmond, Virginia - Then & Now

List of Then and Now Photographs

A Photo History of Richmond, Virginia. Compare Historic Richmond with Richmond today.

Visit such places as The Jefferson Hotel, Edgar Allen Poe Museum and Hollywood Cemetery.

New Buildings and camera lens differences make it difficult and sometimes impossible to duplicate exact 'NOW" photographs.

We attempt to duplicate 'THEN' pictures working with restraints.


The Newsroom


Old Newspaper Articles:

Newspaper articles, many from the Richmond Times Dispatch. Most of these articles are from the 1930's.

This collection is a real treasure to genealogists and others with interest in Historic Richmond, Virginia.



Old Radio Programs


Radio Broadcasts


Radio Broadcasts by Dr Douglas Southall Freeman



Richmond Then and Now Mall



Audio, DVD & Video





The Great Secretariat

Famous Horses, Boats, Southern Women and Children


Lady Wonder, The Mind-Reading Horse

Story of The President Warfield

Southern Women and Children


Vintage Ovaltine Ad


Vintage Advertisements


Comic Strips:

Bozo Comic Strips

Puddin Comic Strip

Old Dominion Oddities


George Washington

George Washington

(Famous Visitors to Richmond, page 3)

Famous People

Famous Virginians

Famous People of Richmond, Virginia

Famous Visitors to Richmond, Virginia

The Life of Robert E. Lee


Joel Addison Hayes and Margaret Davis "Maggie" Hayes


Virginia Genealogies

Genealogy is more than a hobby. It is a labor of love.


We wish to honor not only the well-known "heroes" of the Commonwealth of Virginia, but also the many honest, hard-working citizens who called Virginia "home."

We welcome the contribution. Contact us for more information.


Lee's Camp Veteran's buried at Hollywood



Main & 27th Street


Historic Richmond, Virginia


Miscellaneous Picture Pages

Fulton Area Information

Boy Gangs of Richmond

John Marshall High School Cadet Corps

Old Dominion Oddities / Virginia Oddities

Richmond Movie Theaters - Then

Tunnel Escape from Libby Prison


Staples Mill


Richmond, Virginia Today


Byrd Park

Monument Avenue

Capitol Square

Night Lights of Richmond

Cemeteries in Richmond

Signs of the Times

Cold Harbor Battlefield

St. John's Church

Dispatch Building

St. Joseph's Villa Picture Pages

Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Staples Mill Pond

Emmanuel Church

Street Scenes

Hilliard House

The Underground Bunker

Jefferson Hotel

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts



Atkinson Angel monument




Emannuel Church Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery

Hebrew Cemetery

Hollywood Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery

St Johns Church Cemetery



Fired for Brother Mike Smith's graveside Service, Hanover County, Virginia 1/3/2004




Sons of the Confederate Veterans honor their ancestors

Brook Run: Raising of the Confederate Flag

JEB Stuart's Birthday at Hollywood Cemetery